Today she sounded good…

My Mom is 96. Today she sounded good. We used to laugh at her for having a freezer full of food that was no longer recognizable. In her eyes if it was frozen, it was still good. Her eyes have seen the Great Depression, no food on the dinner table, none. She has seen the beginning and the end of World Wars. She worked at the plant in Tn. where the nuclear bomb was being developed, each department working without knowing what the others were working on. Nobody collectively knew the “project.” One day you will be telling your grandchildren about the toilet paper being sold out, the shelves being bare, and being locked in your home for the good of all mankind. You may be telling them these stories on a future version of Zoom or some other way of communicating. Mom has also seen successes. She’s seen the development of air conditioning, cars, the automatic transmission, mass transportation, flying, man on the moon, television, color television, dial telephones, push button telephones, mobile phones and even had a go at computers before her ability was overtaken by age and inability, When you are telling your grandchildren your “old people” stories, don’t forget the good times. Tell them everything. Tell them about God. p.s., One of my favorite stories Mom tells is of her attending the Kentucky Derby with her father. She had the dress, hat, and cocktail. Because she was too young, her younger sister had to sit out in the car with their mother. Tell them the stories, then tell them again. Yes, they will think you have food in the freezer that needs to be thrown out, but tell them anyway, then tell them again.

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